Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bonfatto's Spice Cream

I was at the International Great Beer Expo last weekend.  Although I was surrounded by an outrageous amount of amazing craft beer, I came across this guy giving out free samples of Bonfatto's Spice Cream.  What the heck is Spice Cream you ask?  It is premium french vanilla ice cream laced with Bonfatto's spicy wing sauces.  Sounds very odd.  But it is surprisingly good!  

Currently, Bonfatto's Spice Cream is available in 3 flavors...Rolling Berry Blastoff, Jumping Jack Apple Splash, and Sweet Peachy Heat Wave.  I tried a sample of the apple.  It tasted like fresh apple pie with creamy vanilla ice cream and a hint of spice.  Ok, it was a little more than a "hint" of spice.  But, seriously it was really good!  Who would've thought that spicy ice cream would ever work?  Turns out spicy/sweet is kind of the same as salty/sweet.  The two flavors balance each other out a create something yummy.

I'm not even sure where this is sold.  I was too preoccupied with beer and free ice cream to ask where you can get it now.  The guy did tell me that in a bout 2 or 3 months it will be available in major grocery stores like Shop Rite and Stop & Shop.  In the meantime, I signed up for email updates on their website Bonfatto's Spice Cream. (You should too.)  Hopefully I will be the first to know when this is available in stores so I can get a pint in every flavor!