Saturday, January 26, 2013

Valentine's Day Makes People Fat

As I was wandering around Target today, I stumbled upon the Valentine's Day Aisle looking all pink, red, sparkly and delicious.  I was surrounded by endless amounts of chocolate, candy, and various other items consisting of pure sugar and nothing of nutritional value.  I was about to just run away in the other direction before I spent $50 on useless crap, but these lovely little things caught my eye before I could escape.

Raspberry Hershey's Hugs

They are basically Hershey's Kisses....they call them "hugs" because they are milk chocolate hugged by raspberry white creme.  They are so cute and yummy.  The reason why I love these is because they are not too sweet.  They are the perfect blend of chocolate, raspberry and vanilla.  One of my favorite combinations on earth is chocolate and raspberry.  Refer to this post...Bitches Love Chocolate if you need proof.  Who wouldn't love chocolate wrapped in pink shiny foil?  Go buy some for you significant other for Valentine's Day.  Or just buy a whole bag for yourself.  I won't judge....

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  1. I hate valentines day... Well... My ass hates it. And thighs.