Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hostess Sno Balls- Little Pillows of Happiness

One thing in this world that I really LOVE are Hostess Sno Balls. These coconut covered marshmallows with cream filled chocolate cake inside are like little fluffy pillows of happiness. Who wouldn't love a combination of such deliciousness?  
My favorite thing about Sno Balls (besides the yumminess) is that they come in all different colors. My favorite of course are the pink ones...obviously. During Halloween they sell them in orange. During St. Patty's day they sell them in green, and I even saw them in bright blue....not really sure what that was for. And of course there's the traditional white ones.  
I found a recipe for a giant "Sno Ball" cake. I am going to attempt to bake this at some point in my life and will keep you posted with the results. Keep in mind, I pretty much suck at baking but I will give it my best shot. yourself a favor and head to the grocery store, 7-11, Quick Check, or any gas station with a convenience store and buy yourself some Sno Balls. You won't be disappointed.

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