Saturday, November 24, 2012

More Pumpkin Please!

Did I ever mention that I love pumpkin? If not, please refer to my previous post Why I love Fall- Reason #1. Also, words cannot describe how much I love ice cream. For details on my ice cream obsession please refer to this post: Ice Cream is a Girl's Best Friend. Now that you are well informed, you can imagine my excitement when I came across the best pumpkin pie ice cream in the world. Ladies and Gentlemen, It is my pleasure to introduce.... 

I cannot take credit for this discovery. My wonderful boyfriend, who also shares my obsession for food, found this at the store and said that it is awesome. And he was right....IT IS AWESOME. The ice cream tastes exactly like pumpkin pie. My absolute favorite part is the GIGANTIC layer of graham cracker crust in the middle. Yes, I said GIGANTIC. I can seriously eat this entire quart of ice cream all by myself and probably wouldn't even feel guilty about it.

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